Blue Lens Glasses +2.00

$1.00 $10.00

Blue light glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital screens such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. These glasses have lenses that are specially treated to block or filter out blue light, which can cause eye strain, headaches, and disrupt your sleep cycle.

Our high-quality blue light glasses are both stylish and functional. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern pair of glasses for work or a fun and colorful pair to wear at home, we have something for everyone. These are non-subscription-based, which makes them perfect for nearly anyone who spends a lot of time behind a screen. 

Size: Lens width-50mm(1.97’’), Lens height-38mm(1.50’’), Bridge-14mm(0.55’’), Frame width-135mm(5.31’’), Frame length-140mm(5.5’).