Bulldog Charm Bracelets

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Bulldog Pride!! These bracelets feature beautiful red, black, and clear/iridescent crystal beads, a very detailed Bulldog head charm and 4 adorable paw charms. Whether worn alone or paired with other bracelets, this handmade Bulldog bracelet is a fun and stylish way to show off your team spirit. 

NOTE: Computer screens and mobile devices display colors differently and may not accurately represent the true color of the item. The brightness and contrast settings on a screen can also affect how colors are perceived, which can further contribute to discrepancies between what is seen on the screen and the actual color of the printed item. Each bracelet is a little different than the next, but all have the same colors/features. Your bracelet will be chosen at random. 

Made to order in Texas. Please check our current TAT before ordering to ensure it works with your needs. Thank you!

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